What is a Solar Oven

What is a Solar Oven?

The Amazing Solar Oven Can Harness The Power of The Sun, Heat Up To 400 Degrees in Minutes, And Cook Almost Anything, Even On A Cold Winter Day!This solar oven will save you money on electricity and give you the freedom to cook anywhere that you want (during the daytime). Even if it is 30 degrees below zero, you can prepare almost any type of food. Whether you are on a camping trip, on the beach, or at home in your own backyard, this solar oven allows you to have fun with the family while enjoying the out-of-doors and doing your part to help the environment.

  • Interesting and fun for kids while they apply amazing scientific principles to heat the oven to 360-400 degrees in minutes.
  • Simple to use, just unfold the reflective shield and focus toward the sun, heat to your desired temperature, and start cooking!
  • No fuel of any kind required, great for a real naturalist, or any emergency – other emergency stoves/ovens will require propane or kerosene
  • Good for cooking in the back yard, picnics, camping, or the event of a power failure
  • Although it is called a “Solar Oven” it is so much more… food can be boiled, steamed, baked, even pan fried
  • Food in a Solar Oven is more nutritious – the temperature rises naturally and slowly allowing complex carbohydrates time to break down naturally into simple sugars eminating subtle natural flavors – The even temperatures throughout cooking prevent burning so there is no need to stir
  • There is no air movement in a Solar Oven, this allows the food to stay moist and flavorful. Solar-roasted foods have more taste, they are more succulent and different than anything you have tasted before….. Sun-baked bread is second to none in taste and texture.
  • You will be so delighted with the aroma and taste of food naturally baked in your Solar Oven that you will not want to cook in a conventional stove/oven ever again!
  • Can be used to boil water, pastureize water, make sun tea, coffee, dehydrate fruits/vegetables/meats, heat water for a natural bath, sterilize foods and other implements, sanitize dishes, dry firewood, sprout foods, and de-crystalize honey or jams.
  • Make new and creative recipes for pizza, muffins, pasta, veggies, meats, breads, grains, casseroles, desserts (to name a few) that were just not possible with conventional stoves/ovens/cookers.
  • Did I mention cooking out on the boat? Imagine being able to cook while on a boating excursion without the need for any type of fuel other than the sun….
  • Better for your health, for many reasons people prefer the natural cooking of the Solar Oven, there are no toxins, or byproducts from burning fuels or electricity – Vegetarians love the Solar Oven


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