Cooking with Solar

Cooking with Solar

How to Use the Sylvan Solar Oven

There are 2 different ways to cook in a Solar Cooker. The first way is to refocus the oven to follow along with the sun’s rays every 25 to 30 minutes. This lets you prepare food the same way you would with a classic stove or oven.

The Solar Oven can also be used as a slow cooker or a crock-pot. It is possible to prepare your food, put it in the Solar Oven, point the oven where the sun will be while you’re gone. Leave, and come home to a savory, slow-cooked dinner. If you run late, there’s no need to be concerned; the Solar Oven will keep your meal hot, moist, and fresh for hours.

I volunteer with the local boy scouts and we never go camping without our solar oven….. This tool is a must for the outdoor gourmet.Do you like to bake cookies and cakes? Because of the cooking environment created by this solar oven, cookies and cakes come out tastier, and more succulent than ever before. The first thing that I ever cooked with the scouts was a chocolate cake, and everyone was shocked at the amazing taste of this cake, it was so much more moist and flavorful than the same recipe used in a traditional oven.

In addition to the above, the Solar Cooker Ovens are great for:

  • Any outdoor gourmet endeavoring to expand what they can cook and the taste of what they cook
  • Home bakers are enabled to cook on sizzling summer days without heating up the kitchen
  • Environmentalists looking to decrease their carbon footprint – Sylvan Solar ovens produce ZERO carbon dioxide emissions
  • Residents of storm prone areas insuring they can cook in the case of a power outtage
  • Teachers seeking to create a scientific and fun learning experience with the practical payoff of deliciously prepared food
  • Slow food cooking enthusiasts looking for an expanded and eco-friendly way to improve their craft
  • Vegetarian and vegan community looking for safe and natural cooking choices for their foods
  • Campers, scouts, and hikers looking for unique camp cooking opportunities, or the ability to cook in fire prone areas where open flames are dangerous and/or banned
  • Boaters endeavoring to improve their menus without requiring a galley, or any other fuel than the sun above their heads
  • Hunters and Naturalists wanting to improve the flavor and moisture of game
  • Persons seeking to preserve foods by naturally drying out/dehydrating to create sun dried foods

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